What is Emotion Coaching?

Emotion Coaching has been developed using the principle that "nurturing and emotionally supportive relationships provide optimal contexts for the promotion of children's outcomes and resilience." (Gottman 1977). Our work using these tools are beneficial when used with both children and adults alike.

Further research can be found on the Emotion Coaching UK website. If you're interested in learning more behind behind the tools we're using we've referenced articles below and will be adding over time.

    • Gus, Rose & Gilbert (2015) 'Emotion Coaching: A universal strategy for supporting and promoting sustainable emotional and behavioural well-being', Educational & Child Psychology, 32(13), pp. 31-41. [link here]
    • McCarthy (2016) 'Science of the Heart: An Overview of Research Conducted by the HeartMath Institute'  [link here]
    • HeartSmart is a brilliant tool that can be implemented into school curriculum at primary level and is heavily subsidised in the UK.

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