Young People

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Our team has a wealth of experience working with teenagers in 1:1 and group spaces; in education, with young offenders, in youth clubs, with young musicians and choral scholars, sports clubs, residential courses and mentoring. There is a tidal wave of unmet need for teenagers in the current climate and the services and provision through schools and the NHS is exceeding capacity.
We are set up to provide a safe space for teenagers to explore their experiences, understand what is happening in their brains, enable them to advocate for themselves, regulate their emotions and read the data behind their emotions. We have experience coaching teenagers suffering with performance anxiety, social anxiety, stress, self-esteem and self-worth challenges, relationship breakdown and depression.
The pandemic has uncovered a great deal of mental health challenges across all ages. For teens, in particular, the isolation of lockdown has impacted their ability to assess risk. This can leave them fearful of venturing out to try new things or making rash decisions and battling with the consequences. We support young people to understand why this is the case and what they can do about it.
While we may liaise with parents and carers at the start of contact, we only feedback with the express consent of the young person. It is essential for young people to have autonomy over their safe spaces. We adhere to our safeguarding policy and engage in supervision to ensure we provide the best care possible.

Parents and Carers

While we provide coaching for children and young people, we believe that training and tooling up parents and carers is our preferred approach. We can provide coaching for parents who need support and insight into what their child needs. As parents we often feel that we should know what our child needs and have what it takes to make things work. However, our own experience of being parented is always imperfect and we can only give from what we have.

We offer 1:1 coaching for parents/carers, with the option of specific support for those with neurodiverse children.

When requested we also run bespoke workshops and courses for groups of parents. In recent years, this has included a group of parent/carers via a charity that provides resources and help for those parenting neurodiverse children; a group of friends who gathered together to learn the tools of emotion coaching to support their own families and those in their community; a group of expectant parents who wanted tools to connect with their new babies and how to stay connected to their partners in a time of significant change. Our approach is flexible, so do ask of there is something specific you would like to explore.

Swim Ireland

Swim Ireland

Swim Ireland are the National Governing Body (NGB) for swimming, water polo, diving and synchronised swimming across the 32 counties of the island of Ireland.  We are proud to have been working with Swim Ireland on various projects, including an Emotional Resilience & Leadership for their elite athletes aged 11-21years. We continue to partner with them to see Emotional Resilience tools embedded across the organisation, creating a culture of emotional safety and supporting good mental health.