We believe that the majority of mental health challenges are a result of the accumulation of unmet emotional need. Our approach to coaching is underpinned by the principals of emotion coaching and is tailored to the needs of each client.
Some clients come to us having experienced therapy and need support moving into a space of active change. Others may have many tools on managing their emotions but no understanding as to what's going on underneath at the root. Through the development of emotional language and exploring an individuals life experience, we help clients make the connections they need to make sense of their stories. Alongside we introduce tools for sustainable change.
We offer a free 30 minute discovery call for any adult wishing to explore coaching sessions. This is to ensure the most suitable coach is assigned to the individual and for the parameters of coaching to be defined. You can find these in our Coaching Agreement. We initially recommend 4-6 sessions lasting 60 minutes with a review as to whether further sessions are needed.