Naomi’s understanding and knowledge have grown through personal and professional experiences over the last twenty-two years, this has given her a profound love of people. She has enjoyed a career in the commerce, education, social care and voluntary sectors and has developed a comprehensive skill set.
Her approach is designed to provide an environment where clients from all walks of life can feel safe, understood, and able to engage with their vulnerabilities while harnessing their strengths.
Naomi trained with Emotion Coaching UK as an Emotion Coach & Mentor and is an ECUK approved Practitioner Trainer.  Additionally, Naomi has completed training with the Youth Justice Board in Restorative Justice and CPD in Grief & Loss, Mental Health & Young People, Trauma Informed Approaches, Polyvagal Theory, Meta-emotion, Internal Family Systems, ACES, Autism Awareness, and extensive Safeguarding.
Marie is passionate about seeing individuals connect with who they are, the values they are driven by and identifying what stands in the way of them achieving their best.
Marie’s approach is clear, direct and nurturing. She works with individuals across all sectors and at any level to enable them to understand the value they bring, whatever environments they find themselves in.
Marie has a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology with a focus on the wellbeing of professional musicians. She is an accredited Strengthscope Practitioner and Emotion Coaching UK approved Practitioner Trainer. Her coaching approach is integrated across a number of models and tailored to suit each individual and their particular needs and requirements. Marie continues to engage in ongoing CPD in Grief & Loss, Internal Family Systems, Restorative Approaches to conflict, Forgiveness, Boundary Setting, Mental Health & Young People, Polyvagal Theory, Trauma Informed Approaches, ADHD focus, Autism, ACES, Eating Disorders and Safeguarding.


Emma Broome

Emma brings a blend of Emotion Coaching and counselling to MITOS. She has a degree in drama and psychology and incorporates her counselling skills training. Emma's background in pastoral care, specifically working with children and families, gives her a unique perspective on the whole family unit.

Katie Cutting
Katie is our Associate for Neurodiversity and a trained Emotion Coach. She supports 1:1 provision with children in primary and secondary schools and is developing our provision for neurodiverse clients. 
Ellie McFarlane
Ellie is our Associate for Creative Development. She is developing the concepts behind the MITOS training and adapting them to enable creative expressions for the children we work with. Ellie has 6 years experience in primary and secondary education settings and brings an artistic approach to emotion coaching.
Bridget Notice
Bridget is a trained teacher and Thrive practitioner with extensive experience in secondary alternative provision and more recently within a large primary school in Bath. She brings a huge wealth of compassion and experience to the work she does with children and their families.
Mike Snook
Mike is our Associate for Education Development. He has 25 years in primary education and his role within MITOS includes supporting school leaders to develop and embed Emotional Literacy for their pupils.
Catherine White
Catherine is passionate about supporting children who find attending school overwhelming and distressing. Using her skills as an Emotion Coach and Speech and Language Therapist, she helps children explore their difficult feelings so they are better able to understand themselves and find helpful ways to self-regulate.


Wholehearted, compassionate and tenacious, Vickie is a coach with extensive training and experience. Vickie is a qualified Personal Performance Coach, Myers Briggs Practitioner and holds a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a Foundation Diploma in Art Therapy. She is trained in Forgiveness Therapy, Trauma Support, Loss, Grief and Bereavement. As a mother of five and carer for her adult son with special needs, Vickie has learnt first-hand how to flourish within the constraints of life, and seize every opportunity to develop and grow. Vickie brings with her a wealth of practical knowledge and experience within the context of well-being, mental-health and disability. 
Mary holds an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, a Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and is an Accredited Member of The National Counselling Society.
Mary works with an integrative approach with its basis around Transactional Analysis, person-centred and psycho-dynamic. Her key core value  is to meet individuals, where they are and in their need, regardless of age, race, gender, beliefs; and together find the way forward, making meaning  of past experiences; getting to the truth about how that may be impacting present experiences, leading to healing and the life clients want. Mary is highly experienced, extraordinarily kind, and brings insight and input to the training courses we create for and deliver.
Ryan is a Worldwide Community Leader, Podcast Host, Coach and Founder of Always Better Than Yesterday (ABTY). Ryan has been a friend and supporter of MITOS since its inception and continues to journey with us. Ryan has taken us through Life Languages profiling and works with us on an ongoing basis. 
Jonno is a Parent Coach who has also trained with ECUK. Jonno provides courses and coaching to support parents in understanding how they can better support their children and teens. Jonno also works as the Education Officer for the Bath Rugby Foundation. Together with Jonno we have delivered live webinars for parents, with a specific focus on what our children and teens need as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.