Speech & Language Therapy

The MITOS Speech and Language Therapy service offer assessments and therapy to children aged from birth to 16 years. Our SLT team are qualified therapists who have knowledge in a broad range of speech, language and communication needs. We work with clients at home, in school and in community spaces. Parents, guardians and key workers play a central role within sessions. Through coaching, they are taught how to maximise the child's learning opportunities and integrate goals into every aspect of life. Therapy is play-based, building on the child's interests and skills in order to strengthen areas of need. 

All our team are trained emotion coaches. This unique combination of skills enables our therapists to take a holistic approach to therapy. By creating a nurturing and emotionally supportive environment, our therapists enable each child to explore and better understand their emotions and behaviour. This brings about noticeable improvements in wellbeing, resilience and self-confidence. 

We aim to deliver high quality therapy, in line with the professional standards set by the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC).  

For more information on what speech and language therapy is you can download this information sheet from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.