Schools we work with
Broadmayne Weston All Saints Primary Bath Broadmayne  Barnsley College Francis Holland School Regent's Park St Margaret's Bushey University of Leeds Abbot Alphege Academy  
Our team coaches children from the age of 5 to 18 in 1:1 and small group sessions. With decades of experience in childcare and education sectors we are well resourced to broaden the skills and understanding in emotional resilience and emotional literacy and to provide appropriate feedback and occasionally guidance to parents and educators in keeping with safeguarding guidelines.  

Art Club (within schools)

A space to explore emotions through creative means. This is especially helpful for younger children whose emotional literacy development is in the early stages

1:1 Emotion Coaching Sessions

When children struggle in the classroom due to emotional dysregulation it's helpful to give space to what's going on underneath, rather than focussing on the behaviour itself. Sessions are tailored to the needs of each child to enable them to tell their stories and, with guidance, better understand what their emotions are telling them. We seek to help each child understand why their feelings can shout loudly and know what they can do help themselves to better cope, particularly when there's a lot of change around them.

Restorative Sessions 

We know that there can be breakdowns in communication between adults and children, or between children. Using restorative approaches, dovetailed with emotion coaching tools, we can help to bring peace back into the relationship and bring perspective and understanding where it's been lost.

School Transition Workshops

Transitions into new environments can cause huge anxiety within children and young people and this has increased, particularly, following all the uncertainty during the pandemic. A 45-60min workshop can help name the fears and bring regulation amongst those who are highly anxious about moving on to a new school environment.

Parents and Carers

While we provide coaching for children and young people, we believe that training and tooling up parents and carers is a powerful and effective approach. We can provide coaching for parents who need support and insight into what their child needs. As parents we often feel that we should know what our child needs and have what it takes to make things work. However, our own experience of being parented is always imperfect and we can only give from what we have.

We offer 1:1 coaching for parents/carers, with the option of specific support for those with neurodiverse children.

When requested we also run bespoke workshops and courses for groups of parents. In recent years, this has included a group of parent/carers via a charity that provides resources and help for those parenting neurodiverse children; a group of friends who gathered together to learn the tools of emotion coaching to support their own families and those in their community; a group of expectant parents who wanted tools to connect with their new babies and how to stay connected to their partners in a time of significant change. Our approach is flexible, so do ask of there is something specific you would like to explore.