Safeguarding Statement

Safeguarding Policy Statement

Purpose and scope 

The purpose of this policy statement is: 

  • to safeguard children and young people who are in receipt of services from MITOS. This includes the children of adults who use our services.
  • to provide staff, volunteers, children and young people and their families with the overarching principles that guide our approach to child protection

This policy applies to anyone working on behalf of MITOS, including directors, employees, collaborators, volunteers, sessional workers and students.


A ‘child’ is defined as a person under the age of eighteen. We do not have a statutory duty to co-operate with local authorities in matters of child protection, however we believe in best practice and will report to the appropriate body if we believe a child has experienced or is at risk of harm. 

We believe that: 

  • Children and young people should be protected from experiencing abuse of any kind.
  • We have a responsibility to support the welfare of all children and young people, to keep them safe and to practise in a way that protects them.
  • The welfare of children is paramount what we do with and for children, and all children have an equal right to protection from all types of harm or abuse. 
  • Working in partnership with children, young people, their parents, carers and other agencies is essential in promoting young people’s welfare

We will seek to keep children and young people safe by: 

  • valuing, listening to and respecting them 
  • adopting child protection and safeguarding best practice through our policies, procedures and code of conduct for staff, collaborators and volunteers  
  • providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training so that all staff and volunteers know about and follow our policies, procedures and behaviour codes confidently and competently 
  • recruiting and selecting staff, collaborators and volunteers responsibly and safely, ensuring they have completed safeguarding training and have a clear Enhanced DBS check
  • recording, storing and using information professionally and securely, in line with data protection legislation and guidance 
  • making sure that children, young people and their families know where to go for help if they have a concern
  • using safeguarding and child protection procedures to share concerns and relevant information with agencies who need to know, involving children, young people, parents, families and carers if appropriate 
  • when contracted to work within schools, with charities and other established organisations, MITOS will subscribe to and follow the safeguarding policies and procedures of said organisation to ensure accountability and continuity
  • ensuring that a coaching agreement is completed by legal guardian or parent for private coaching
  • ensuring a person suitably qualified and experienced in child protection matters will supervise any member of staff, collaborator or volunteer working with children  

Additionally: Directors complete regular safeguarding training to ensure latest guidelines are followed and voluntarily complete regular supervision in line with best practice. 

Policy Review: We are committed to reviewing our policy and best practice annually

Policy reviewed on: 24th January 2023

By: Marie El-Khazen (Director)

Next review: 24th January 2024