What is Emotional Resilience?

Mental health and wellbeing has jumped to the top of the agenda in almost all organisations, even more so in the wake of the global pandemic. The pandemic has uncovered huge gaps in mental health provision while emotional resilience, at organisational and individual levels, has been tested - often to breaking point. 

So, just how sustainable is existing wellbeing and mental health provision? 
Through extensive practice, training and research, we have come to understand that the majority of mental health challenges and the greatest struggle with maintaining a healthy mindset is down to an accumulation of unmet emotional need. Emotions are widely misunderstood as the thing that controls us. In actual fact they are a rich data source which, when harnessed and understood, can enable greater understanding of self and others. Emotions can improve mindset and when used effectively can improve resilience and self regulation significantly.

When you understand what's going on for you internally or emotionally, you are better placed to take action to get your needs met. If emotions have been your enemy or, perhaps, very confusing then this can seem daunting or overwhelming. Our bespoke training and 1:1 sessions help to facilitate just that. We provide tools for both adults and children that are easily implementable after just one session.

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